Hollywood 3/4 Day Fishing Charter

hollywood 3-4 day charterSix hours in length, our Hollywood ¾ day fishing charters depart directly from our docks.

We love our ¾ day fishing charters in Hollywood, and this is the option we choose for ourselves when we go fishing. The extra two hours gives us a lot more time to catch more fish, and our captains can move around and get farther offshore if needed when chasing exhilarating sports fish. Our Hollywood ¾ day fishing charters are the perfect compromise between our shorter half day trips and our longer full day ones.

Hollywood is the perfect location for our fishing charters. The Gulf Stream current brings fish of all varieties close to shore, which means that we are situated very close to the best fishing grounds. We are only a few minutes from the inlet, and the ride out takes us past some of the most spectacular waterfront properties and multi-million dollar yachts. With our six hour charter, we are able to spend some time exploring the waterways and touring the city – before going out and catching some truly fantastic fish. If this interests you then let us know and we will include a short guided tour through Hollywood.

You will be provided with everything that you will need to catch thrilling and exciting fish. The boat, the captain, the mate, fuel, frozen bait, lures and all the equipment you can possibly use is already onboard waiting for you. Occasionally, depending on what fish we are targeting, we may recommend using live bait to increase your chances. The choice is yours and if you agree then we will simply add it onto the cost of your charter. Many fishing companies do not tell their clients this, but we will always let you know ahead of time if we think using live bait is a good idea. It is not nice to miss out on the really big fish if they are biting on that day.

Everything that you catch is yours to keep. This is really awesome because most of the fish we catch in Hollywood is extremely delicious. Our Hollywood fishing crew will clean, fillet and package your fish into zip lock bags for you to take home for dinner. We can recommend some of Hollywood's best restaurants who will be happy to prepare your fish for you. This is cheaper than ordering any of the dishes on their menus, and an expert chef will turn your catch into a magical taste sensation.

Call us now to book your Hollywood ¾ Day Fishing Charter and discover the monsters of the ocean.