Large Group Fishing Charters

We have a lot of experience with accommodating large groups of people on our Hollywood fishing charters. Multiple boats can be arranged to take your group out, or one larger fishing boat. There are numerous boats in our Hollywood fishing fleet, so regardless of how many people your group consists of – we can carry them all.

For large groups, we strongly recommend splitting the group up into smaller ones and going out on our sportfish boats. These boats are able to move around and target the most exciting, thrilling and adventurous fish off the coast of Hollywood. We are able to utilize various equipment and techniques to ensure we catch them. Our Hollywood fishing charters have several activities on offer that are extremely popular with our teambuilding charters. The boats are in constant radio contact and we can easily create a feeling of unity so that the group does not feel isolated in any way. The most commonly requested activity is our mini fishing tournament, in which teams on different boats compete to catch the biggest fish, the most fish or a certain fish species. The rules are customizable, so we can change them to suit your large group initiatives. Whatever you choose, we will make sure that every member of your group has the time of their lives out on the water.

The other alternative to our Hollywood fishing charters for groups that need to keep together, is chartering a private drift fishing head boat (or party boat). These boats are bigger and we take them out onto the water, switch off the engines and everybody can throw their lines into the water and catch fish. This is called drift fishing and is a great deal of fun. However, you likely will not have the chance to catch exhilarating fish such as sailfish, swordfish, mahi-mahi and tuna. These fish require special equipment and techniques which are impossible to implement while the boat is drifting.

Contact us to book your Hollywood Large Group Fishing Charter and thrill in the adventure of the sea.