Hollywood Full Day Fishing Charter

hollywood full day charters

Eight hours in length, our Hollywood full day fishing charters depart directly from our docks.

In Hollywood, there are fantastic fishing opportunities really close to shore. However, the eight hours available on our Hollywood full day fishing charters allows us to get farther offshore and chase the truly gigantic fish. So many more options are open to us because of the extra time. It is also no secret that big fish prefer deeper waters, so if having the adventure of a lifetime while catching a lot of extraordinary fish is what you are after - then our Hollywood full day fishing charters are perfect for you.

Our full day fishing charters in Hollywood allow us to experiment with various fishing equipment and techniques. We can use whatever methods our hearts desire. Chasing mahi-mahi offshore, trolling for sailfish, searching for swordfish, snagging grouper and snapper on wrecks and reefs are only a few examples. The time that we have makes all the difference.

Eight hours on a boat in an enormous ocean can be overwhelming for youngsters and first-time anglers. We do not recommend our full day charters for them, but rather suggest doing any of our Hollywood half day or ¾ day charters instead. If you are having a real adventure, then we will not stop you. We will be happy to extend the trip by a few hours if we do not have another charter booked, and simply charge you the full day rate.

Our Hollywood fishing charters include the captain, the mate, the boat, the fuel, frozen bait and lures, as well as all the equipment you will need to catch a lot of various fish. The only thing we do not include in our prices is live bait and gratuity for the crew – both of which are entirely up to you.

Call us today to book your Hollywood Full Day Fishing Charter and live the adventure on the ocean.