Hollywood Tuna Fishing

hollywood tuna fishing

In Hollywood, tuna fishing is the most commonly requested charter by our clients. Tuna is enormously challenging, fun, exhilarating and adventurous. It is also extremely rewarding and we highly recommend this experience. Fishing for tuna in Hollywood is not only our customer's favorites, but our crews as well.

Tuna is abundant off the coast of Hollywood, and the most frequently caught are yellowfin tuna and blackfin tuna. Our Hollywood fishing charters troll for tuna, and we also catch them while kite fishing. Supremely fast and immensely strong, any angler with tuna on their line is in for a real delight. As fast as 40mph underwater, their aerodynamic bodies are optimally designed for catching smaller fish at this speed. We find frozen bait and live bait to be equally successful and when a tuna takes your bait, you will actually hear it and feel the power of these fish.

The fact that tuna are so fantastically tasty is not a secret. Yellowfin, blackfin and bluefin tuna are hunted relentlessly due to the increased global demand for sushi. Everybody eats tuna, and targeting them has become a business for many commercial fishermen, recreational anglers and even some fishing charters. To understand why, we mention the case in Japan where a bluefin tuna was sold for an unbelievable $400 000!

Most of our Hollywood fishing charter customers want to know if they can eat their tuna directly from the sea. The truth is that this is one of the best ways to eat it, fresh tuna is divine. However, we prefer to clean and fillet them when we reach the dock because it is really messy on the boat.

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