Hollywood Tarpon Fishing

hollywood tarpon fishing

Tarpon are magnificent fish. In Hollywood, they are well respected by the locals. Tarpon will give you the fight of your life when hooked on your line, and make no mistake – these fish are extremely powerful. They will flip, roll, leap and jump out of the water in an attempt to break free. When hunting tarpon your best chance lies in staying inshore – on rivers, canals and ocean inlets. This makes Hollywood one of the best places to catch tarpon.

Hollywood tarpon are gigantic, ranging between five and seven feet in length and weigh as much as 250lbs. They have shiny scales which cover their bodies from head to tail, and they are beautifully tinged with blue and green hues. In Hollywood, tarpon can be caught year-round, but your chances increase dramatically in winter and spring. Their numbers swell during this time because many tarpon migrate south during winter to escape the cold waters up north. Tarpon are abundant in the Atlantic Ocean, and are found all along the eastern coast of the United States.

In Hollywood, many fishing charter operators only focus on tarpon. All of our Hollywood fishing captains are extensively experienced in catching tarpon, and many of them even have their own secret tarpon grounds. When fishing for tarpon, we prefer using live bait such as crabs, shrimps or pilchards. We insist that this provides you with the best chance of catching a stunning tarpon, but it is pricier and other fish love to steal it. Tarpon can be caught on frozen bait, artificial bait and lures as well, but live bait is far better.

You can use any type of fishing equipment to catch tarpon in Hollywood. Remember though that these fish are incredibly strong and can easily overpower cheap rods and reels. All of our Hollywood fishing charters are private, which means that we can customize your trip to try whichever techniques you wish to test your skills at. We can accommodate requests for small boats using light tackle, or we can target tarpon on our larger boats using heavier tackle.

Call us today to book your Hollywood Tarpon Fishing Charter and prepare to fight this battle.