Hollywood Swordfish Fishing

hollywood swordfish fishingOur Hollywood swordfish charters are one of the most adventurous and exciting charters that we offer. This is because swordfish present one of the biggest fishing challenges, and the thrill of successfully catching them is breath-taking.

Hollywood swordfish are truly splendid. These gigantic fish are frequently caught weighing between 200lbs and 500lbs, and they are found at depths ranging from hundreds of feet to thousands of feet. Reeling these giants through fathoms of ocean is certainly not an easy task. In fact, we have the strongest, proudest anglers absolutely begging us to assist them with our electric reels.

Swordfish are easily identified by their long bill or "sword", which people mistakenly assume they use to spear their fish. Swordfish use their swords to slash and kill their prey. They are highly efficient predators and their favorite food is squid, which we use most successfully to catch them with.

Our Hollywood fishing charters recommend swordfish for those anglers wishing to do some night fishing. We do catch them during the day, but these fish are active hunters at night. Swordfish charters in Hollywood are advertised at more expensive rates. The reason for this is that swordfish are found further offshore and in deeper waters. Our Hollywood swordfish charters take longer to reach their hunting grounds. Our boats burn more fuel and have additional costs.

We suggest grilling the delicious white meat of the swordfish. Once we arrive back at our docks in Hollywood, we will clean your catch and cut it into steaks before packaging it into zip lock bags for you to take home. There are numerous Hollywood seafood restaurants that will happily create a tasty delicacy for you – out of the fish you have personally fought and won.

Call us today to book your Hollywood Swordfish Fishing Charter and feel the relentless strength of these fish.