Hollywood Snapper Fishing

hollywood red snapper fishingOne of the most popular Hollywood fishing charters for our clients is snapper fishing. There are a few good reasons for this. Catching snapper is extremely fun and exciting. It is also not as challenging as fishing for other types of fish because it does not require a lot of specialized equipment. Snapper is decidedly delicious, which is the main reason why everybody loves fishing for snapper in Hollywood.

Hollywood has a rich diversity of snappers off the coast. Red snapper, yellowtail snapper, vermillion snapper and red porgies are only a few of them. Our Hollywood fishing crews find snapper in clear water with a strong current flowing through it. We prefer to fish for them in reefs, but we also hunt them in wrecks. The difference is that wrecks have smaller areas where fish congregate, and the number of different fish is denser there. This makes catching snapper more challenging than it seems, especially as we mainly use live shrimp to hook them with. Actually targeting the snapper can be downright tricky. The downside of this is that it attracts all the other fish who are more than content to steal our bait, so when we do catch snapper then the exhilaration runs high and the reward is great.

Our Hollywood fishing charter crew are all highly experienced with catching snapper. They will share their expert knowledge with everyone aboard their boats. New and young anglers will soon be acquainted with the snapper fish, and experienced anglers will master the skill of catching them.

Call us today to book your Hollywood Snapper Fishing Charter and join in the fun and excitement.