Hollywood Shark Fishing

hollywood shark fishingShark fishing is an extremely popular activity for locals and tourists in Hollywood. This is easy to understand because Hollywood has some of the best shark fishing in Florida. The feeling of wrangling with the creature at the top of the food chain is indescribable – and we are experts at it.

The most common shark species caught in Hollywood are bull sharks, hammerhead sharks and mako sharks. It is possible to catch other types of shark too because there are several shark varieties swimming off the coast of Hollywood. We know precisely where they can be found, and how they can be caught.

Like other fish of all varieties, shapes and sizes, sharks come to Hollywood during their migrations on the Gulf Stream current. This passes extremely close to the shores of Hollywood, and there are millions of sharks only a mile or two offshore every year. This is fantastic news for our Hollywood shark fishing charters, as it means that we do not need to travel far to catch them – and we are able to target them on any of our fishing trips.

Catching a shark in Hollywood is not easy. They are very challenging and require the correct tackle and equipment. Sharks are immensely powerful and extremely fast, and all our Hollywood fishing boats are equipped with tournament grade equipment. Our fishing captains and crews specialize in shark fishing and they will help you to catch these magnificent beasts.

In order to successfully catch a shark, it is important to know a little about them. Here is some information on the most common sharks in Hollywood:

Hollywood Hammerhead Sharks

Hammerhead sharks are named after their distinct hammer-shaped heads. They have smaller mouths than other shark species and do most of their hunting near the ocean floor (which is perfect for anglers looking to do some bottom fishing). In Hollywood, hammerhead sharks generally weigh a few hundred pounds or more, and they range in size. Fully grown hammerhead sharks can be as large as a ton. Hammerhead sharks hunt alone at night, but during the day they like to congregate in schools.

Hollywood Mako Sharks

Mako sharks are an endangered species and their populations are in steady decline. This makes finding and catching a mako shark in Hollywood very difficult, but when we do catch one then we always release it immediately and unharmed. Mako sharks are easily one of the fastest sharks in the oceans, reaching speeds nearing 50mph.

Hollywood Thresher Sharks

Thresher sharks are named after their distinctive thresher-shaped tails (a thresher being a farming device used to separate grain from stalks). In Hollywood, thresher sharks can weigh more than a ton. However, the ones we find are generally smaller than that. Our Hollywood fishing charters find thresher sharks farther offshore, beginning where the water drops off into the Gulf Stream and extending into depths of around 1 500ft. The natural diet of thresher sharks is smaller pelagic fish such as tuna and mackerel, but they love squid. When fishing for thresher sharks, we are most successful when using live squid.

Hollywood Bull Sharks

We are certainly not afraid of sharks, but bull sharks do send a shiver of trepidation along our spines. These sharks are big, and they are nasty. Their reputation is due to their highly aggressive temperament, and they are frequently found lurking in shallow waters among human bathers at the beach. Bull sharks feed on turtles, fish, birds and whatever else they come across that whets their appetites – which is why they come so close to shore. They are also well suited to both saltwater and freshwater, which means they do not hesitate to chase prey inland (up rivers, canals and ocean inlets). In Hollywood, bull sharks have been found to inhabit the same reefs and wrecks for years on end. They are highly territorial and strictly hunt alone. Bull sharks are also supremely powerful. Their strength and size is phenomenal. Bull sharks in Hollywood usually weigh around 500lbs, but they have been known to reach sizes way exceeding a ton.

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