Hollywood Sailfish Fishing

hollywood sailfish fishing

In Hollywood, fishing for sailfish is a local favorite. It is so popular because sailfish are extremely challenging to catch and they are absolutely beautiful – especially when seen up close and personal. Their elongated bodies, giant fins, long bills and stunning blue, silver and black colors have earned them their place as one of Hollywood's most magnificent fish.

Sailfish belong to the billfish family, and they are named after their giant dorsal fins which distinctly resemble the sail of a sailboat. Growing into 200lbs monster fish that are ten feet in length, sailfish are massive. They are also incredibly fast, reaching speeds nearing 70mph underwater – which makes them one of the fastest fish in the seas. Sailfish are fighters, leaping high out of the water in an effort to break free from your line. There is no thrill that can even compare to these gorgeous fish performing such agile acrobatics. Most of our clients bring their cameras along, and the pictures that they take capture these animals perfectly.

Hollywood sailfish are highly successful predators. Their prowess is due to their amazing ability to camouflage themselves by changing colors. This is so effective at confusing both prey and predator, and they can also raise and lower their sails which simply disorient them further.

Our Hollywood fishing charter captains have vast experience of sailfish fishing, and this is of paramount importance when trying to catch them. These fish are incredibly challenging, they are cunning predators that are particular about the way their natural prey swims through the water. Special equipment and expertise is required, because sailfish need to be cleverly deceived in order to bait them with any measure of success. We have found that the two most effective techniques are using live bait while kite fishing or dredge fishing, both of which are designed to fool fish intelligently.

Hollywood Kite Fishing

Kite fishing in Hollywood involves attaching live bait to lines that are suspended from a kite. The kite is flown behind the boat, and the movement of it causes the bait to remain near the surface of the water and appear as if a fish is panicking. This is irresistible to larger predators below. When the sailfish takes the bait, then the line will break free from the kite and the sailfish can be reeled in.

Hollywood Dredge Fishing

Dredge fishing in Hollywood involves attaching multiple live baits to an umbrella-shaped device called a dredge. This is trolled through the water and the effect it creates is one of a school of fish swimming by. Predators are always attracted to groups of fish, so this works better than towing a single fish.

The beauty of fishing for sailfish in Hollywood is the fact that these amazing creatures hunt in schools. If you find one sailfish, there are almost certainly others nearby – and it is not uncommon for us to have multiple sailfish on our lines at the same time. This is the moment that defies description and it is what our clients, captains and crew live for. It is also the reason why Hollywood has the reputation for some of the world's best sailfish fishing, and why so many billfish tournaments are held in Hollywood and the surrounding areas.

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