Hollywood Marlin Fishing

hollywood marlin fishing

In Hollywood, marlin does come close to shore while they are migrating in the Gulf Stream current, but they are hardly ever caught there. Marlin prefers deep water, and we catch them farther offshore. Unfortunately, marlins are rare. They have suffered from over-fishing and were never an abundant species to begin with. We typically only find blue marlin and white marlin in the Hollywood area. Black or striped marlin is even rarer. When fishing for marlin in Hollywood, it is far more probable that you will catch other billfish such as sailfish and swordfish.

Marlins are simply amazing animals. Reaching speeds nearing 70mph underwater, they exist high in the ocean's food chain. These beautiful fish are massive, and they are known to pull fishing boats mile upon mile across the ocean. Ernest Hemingway's novel entitled The Old Man and the Sea (in which an aged fisherman is forced to battle a giant marlin alone on a tiny boat) has contributed largely to the world-wide fascination that people have for marlin – and marlin has become an icon for sports fishing in Hollywood.

If you are serious about catching marlin, then our extremely experienced Hollywood fishing captains will take you far offshore. Ideally, you need to fish along the edge of the continental shelf in depths ranging between 600ft and 1 000ft of water. In fact, you will have an even better chance if you fish on the Bahamas side of the Gulf Stream as opposed to the Hollywood side. We have found that marlin fishing is usually better in the Bahamas, so if you can make the trip then we offer charters to the Bahamas from our Hollywood docks.

When trolling for marlin in Hollywood, it is important to be aware of the speed your boat is travelling at. These fish are likely faster than any boat you will be on, and you need to cruise between seven and fifteen knots. If you are slower than seven knots, then your bait will get eaten by other fish and look unnatural in the water. Marlin is fussy, and accurately mimicking their common diet is imperative. If you are faster than fifteen knots, then your bait will fall apart and look even weirder when moving through the water.

Hollywood marlin can be caught on frozen bait and lures. If you choose frozen bait, then you can combine it with a skirt. This helps to attract marlin while protecting the bait. However, we have better success when using live bait. Small tuna and skipjacks are tasty snacks that marlin cannot refuse.

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