Hollywood Kingfish Fishing

hollywood kingfish fishing

The likelihood of catching kingfish is very high on all of our Hollywood fishing charters. Kingfish is a great target fish because we can catch them close to shore. Regardless of whether you book a four hour, six hour or eight hour fishing charter in Hollywood – fishing for kingfish is always a great option.

Another name for kingfish is King Mackerel, and they belong to the mackerel family. Kingfish migrate in summer to the coast of Hollywood, and they can be found in abundance. Silver in color, with scales that cover their bodies, kingfish range between small and medium in size. Hollywood kingfish tend to weigh anywhere from five pounds to thirty pounds.

Kingfish are incredibly fast, which makes catching them especially exciting. Their speed actually rivals that of wahoo, and they are most commonly caught while trolling frozen and live bait. Kingfish are fussy - they are intelligent regarding the way their natural prey swims through the water. They also have a tendency to bite of the tail ends of your bait, which makes successfully catching a kingfish rather challenging. It is imperative that you use the correct kind of bait and rig it properly. Our Hollywood fishing captains have been fishing for kingfish most of their lives, and can do this skilfully in their sleep. They will gladly share their knowledge and expertise with everyone onboard.

Many people relish in the taste of kingfish, but Hollywood locals do not usually eat them. Their meat tends to be too oily for most people's tastes. We advise trying it yourself to see what you think.

Contact us now to book your Hollywood Kingfish Fishing Charter and delight in these speedy fish.