Hollywood Grouper Fishing

hollywood grouper fishing

Grouper are awesome fish, and they are interesting. In Hollywood, fishing for grouper is one of the most popular fishing activities in all of Florida. There are various grouper types abundant in the waters off the coast of Hollywood, and these include the gag grouper and the goliath grouper. Hollywood grouper are phenomenally powerful fish and they ensure a battle of strength for any angler with a grouper on their line.

Grouper in Hollywood are easy to identify. They have very stocky bodies and massive mouths. What makes grouper so unique is that they have no teeth on the edges of their jaws. They have massive tooth plates instead, which are used very effectively to crush their prey before sucking them and swallowing them whole. Hollywood grouper tend to weigh less than 100lbs, but they are known to grow into 500lbs monster fish.

Grouper are found hunting those lurking on the ocean floor. Our Hollywood fishing charters go bottom fishing to find them, and this means that they need to be reeled in from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. Every angler has to fight them all the way, which proves incredibly challenging and adrenalin-packed. We use both live and frozen bait to catch grouper, and they have ferocious appetites. Grouper have been known to attack humans, even fatally on occasion.

In the springtime, grouper fever hits the local residents of Hollywood. This is because in April and May grouper spawn and this is easily the best time to catch them. During the breeding season, we travel to the rocks and reefs where this occurs, and we love dropping live pinfish and feeling the grouper inhaling the bait. All kinds of grouper are caught in Hollywood throughout the year and closer to shore, but springtime is definitely the most exciting time to target them.

In Hollywood, grouper is one of the most delicious fish served at many of Hollywood's top restaurants. Grilled, fried or baked, grouper makes a very popular entree. These restaurants will be delighted to prepare your catch for you. Our personal favorite is fried grouper fingers which we consider to be a true delicacy.

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