Hollywood Dolphin Fishing

Commonly referred to as mahi-mahi, dolphins in Hollywood are incredibly beautiful fish. There is nothing as exciting as watching these amazing fish leaping and jumping out of the water when hooked on our lines. Dolphin congregate in schools and it is not uncommon for us to have three or four of them on at the same time. This spectacle is truly awe-inspiring, and comes highly recommended.

Mahi-mahis are one of the most stunning sports fish caught off the coast of Hollywood. Their green and blue fins compliment their bright yellow bellies spectacularly. They have uniquely blunt-shaped heads with narrowing bodies and are easily recognized by even the novice angler. Dolphins in Hollywood range in size between 15lbs and 30lbs, and if you catch a legal size dolphin you can take it home for dinner. Their white meat is divine in tacos.

In Hollywood, mahi-mahis are caught offshore. Our fishing charters usually target them on our six hour trips or longer. This means that we can reach the waters where they feed, and we usually catch them while trolling or kite fishing. Dolphin season in Hollywood begins in May and ends in October, and this is when we can chase them.

Our Hollywood fishing charters find mahi-mahi swimming close to the weed lines and hunting their favorite flying fish. Dolphin love ballyhoo and this is the most successful bait to use, and we keep a sharp eye out for birds (which are a fantastic indication that there is mahi-mahi in the area). Our fishing captains all specialize in dolphin fishing, and they will share all their knowledge and experience with every angler on their boats. We always have the latest Hollywood dolphin fishing report - feel free to contact us for it.

Call us now to book your Hollywood Dolphin Fishing Charter and exhilarate in these delightful fish.